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4 Reasons To Run Webinars For Mobile Devices


Webinars have been around for almost 20 years now, but when was the last time you heard of a company running webinars for mobile device users? Does your webinar platform even offer this functionality? Have you ever tried to access a webinar via your mobile device? Would it not be convenient? Would you not expect to be able to? Think about your audience – would they not benefit from webinars for mobile devices? In this post we have compiled four great reasons to run webinars for mobile devices.

Webinars for mobile devices reflect well on your business

Offering user-friendly functionality for your marketing and engagement tools is vital for your prospect and customer engagement. It even has a positive effect on the way your business is able to engage internal audiences, as we’ll see below.

In a fast-paced marketing technology landscape, many organisations still use legacy technology. A lack of usability and functionality not only reflects badly on your company, it also drives your prospects and customers away and towards other vendors. Is that what you want? Or would you prefer to increase your levels of engagement and growth?

By offering webinars for mobile devices, you are also communicating that your business is using the latest technology. In other words, it reflects positively on your business. It’s a differentiator. In a competitive marketplace, any opportunity to set yourself apart from other companies is a positive thing. Offering webinars for mobile devices is a sign that you think of your audience and that you are using a leading webinar platform. So why would you settle for anything less?

Webinars for mobile devices help engage “on the road” workers

An increasing number of workers spend their working week on the road and away from their desks. Consultants and sales people are two good examples. Why would you exclude these professionals from accessing your content, insight and webinars? You can’t rely on them “catching up” with your content when they are back at their desks, because – quite frankly – they have better things to do.

Instead, make it as easy as possible for them to access your webinars by providing the capability to access your webinars via their mobile device. You will also want to ensure this is as easy as possible, i.e. without the need to download an app. There is no reason why webinars can’t be accessed directly via the browser on the mobile device.

There is also a large section of the workforce that doesn’t have regular access to their own computer. So for internal communications, offering webinars for mobile devices is an easy way to include this part of the workforce in your regular updates and overall workforce engagement. In fact, why stop at merely communicating, when you can use your webinar platform’s capability to provide training and testing in this way too? Webinars for mobile devices offer an entirely new way to efficiently engaging your workforce, regardless of their access to computers.

Webinars for mobile devices extend your reach

As we’ve seen above, webinars for mobile devices significantly extend your reach – both internally and externally. If someone gave you the choice between fewer or more webinar attendees, surely you would opt for more, right?

The good news is that there is no additional work needed to offer webinars for mobile devices. A good webinar platform will automatically provide a mobile-compatible webinar stream. However, your communications and promotional strategy should be structured in a way that it makes your target audience aware of this option. In fact, you will want to make this your main priority, if your target audience is made up of the roles mentioned in our first point above.

So much of your commercial and marketing success depends on the accurate and wide reach of your content. including a popular communications channel such as mobile can set you apart from competitors using less sophisticated webinar technology.

The new normal

Consuming information via mobile devices is the new normal. Any company not feeding their audience’s desire risks being left behind. The same applies for webinars for mobile devices. As we’ve seen in this post, webinar organisers can extend their reach and engagement in this way. So why would you resist catching up to this new understanding of what is normal?

This is not to say that you should jump on every new trend, but webinars are not new, and neither is the trend towards increased mobile usage. By combining these two aspects you gain a competitive advantage over those who are lagging behind.


Data and wifi connectivity is increasing and improving every year. There will always be blackspots, but webinar rely only on a minimal data connection. Especially audio webinars, which make up the vast majority of webinars, have an extremely low bandwidth requirement. In fact, many mobile connections are better than office connectivity, which are often shared by a large number of users for desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Especially workers who are used to working on the move know where they get good connectivity. The connectivity aspect therefore no longer poses a real challenge.

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