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Benefits of On-Demand and Simulive Webinars

Developing superior webcasts for marketing, sales and training purposes take time, money and energy. The current options you have from a webcast provider will help determine if you can extend the life of your presentations in such a way that you reach more audiences and succeed at lead generation.

Delivering valuable content is, of course, your primary goal whenever you create webcast presentations. But looking at alternative methods in delivering content can help you achieve the above-mentioned objectives.

While live webcasts will always be the ultimate method of delivering content and engaging with attendees, extending your content to additional audiences should always be the second most important step. You can do all of these using on-demand and Simulive events, whether for pre-recorded webcast presentations or unique presentations specifically for these methods.

There are certainly a few limitations when you use on-demand and Simulive. One of the primary limitations is not having live engagement with the audience, particularly for on-demand webcasts.

But first let us discuss briefly the difference between Simulive and recorded webcasts and the benefits of On-Demand and Simulive Webinars.

Simulive vs. Recorded Webcasts

Simulive is re-broadcasting of recorded webcast to a live audience as if it was a live presentation. Audiences usually cannot tell the difference if the presentation is live or not. You can reinforce the live effect by conducting a live Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Recorded webcasts are typically used for on-demand and static viewing where audiences can just sign in and watch at their convenience. Often, recorded webcasts are from previous live events, but you can also record specific content and broadcast them as either on-demand or Simulive.

Benefits of On-Demand Webcasts

On-demand webcasts are similar to on-demand movies that can be viewed at your convenience. It is a cost-effective method of leveraging content, reaching new audiences and dramatically improving your original event's return on investment.

Despite the limitation of not having the opportunity to engage with the audience, it is essential to produce good quality recordings for on-demand purposes.

The key benefits of on-demand webcasts are (and not limited to) the following:

  • Reduced (if not eliminated) operational and scheduling risks
  • Easy to distribute and syndicate via social media, RSS feeds and podcasts that lead to new sets of audiences
  • Lead generation long after the live webinar has ended
  • Savvy features of the latest webcast platforms may also include:
    • content syndication via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
    • integration of the latest marketing automation platforms with lead scoring capabilities
    • recording feature which does not require the viewer to download software to be able to view the recorded webcast
    • integration of technologies that allow you to add surveys and chat directly to recorded webcasts

Benefits of Simulive Events

Simulive is another cost-effective and efficient method of repurposing webcast content minus the logistical annoyances.

During the broadcast, presenters cannot pause and stop the webcast. You can, however, include live Q&A session after the presentation to give it a live effect.

The key benefits of Simulive are as follows:

  • Simulive is an ideal solution if you have multiple presenters with varying schedules as it allows each one to record their segments separately
  • You can deliver a great webcast presentation each and every time to varying audiences in different timezones
  • If you use Simulive in demonstrating your product or service, you will be able to do so flawlessly since you can perfect it before broadcasting
  • Simulive enables you to get the very best return every time you broadcast the event
  • Most of the operational risks are minimised or eliminated since content is already recorded before broadcast
  • Benefits of Simulive to other companies:
    • Events producers can perfect their presentations by:
      • specifically for product demos by editing lags, for instance
      • by trying out and replacing nervous presenters
      • carefully curating content
    • Companies will definitely benefit from the convenience of Simulive by:
      • breaking the timezone barriers that hinder presenters and participants to join the event
      • enables companies to invite and use recorded presentations from industry experts (at their convenience) and incorporating the recordings to the company's Simulive events
    • Companies can achieve return on investment by re-using quality content

If you have mastered the craft of producing and broadcasting live webcast events, you can leverage your knowledge and use the latest techniques in utilising Simulive and on-demand events. So plan in advance and use all these methods in repurposing and redistributing valuable content to your targeted audiences.

Why not take our 14 day free trial to see if the platform is suitable for you.

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 Benefits of On-Demand and Simulive Webinars


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