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Three signs you need to change webcasting platforms

247 3 Signs To Change Platform FB

The variety of webcasting platforms out there is huge. How do you decide on the right one?

Too many people don’t spend enough time researching a server before they commit, settling on the first they come across without digging into the detail of what is (and isn’t) included. Then, before you know it, you’re planning and distributing webcasts on a platform that doesn’t actually meet your needs and is delivered by a team whose service leaves a lot to be desired.

If you relate to the above or if the three signs we’ve listed below sound worryingly familiar, you know what to do. Change webcasting platforms!

You’re tied into a long-term contract











Rather than paying for just the webcasts you want to do, many webcasting platforms require you to sign up for a long-term contract that includes a number of monthly events. So essentially, you end up paying for services that you do not use or need.

More often than not the prices of these packages are based off your company size. That means you could be paying a lot more than someone else for the same product and services. Not fair, right?  

Ditch these confusing, unfair contracts and choose to pay-as-you-cast instead.

Every webcast takes forever to set up

A speedy setup isn’t too much to ask in today’s fast-paced digital world. Yet some webcasting platforms require heaps of notice before they can create an event and have it ready for you to cast. If you’re still at the mercy of snail’s pace providers, why not try our services instead? We can get you from booking to broadcast in as little as 30 minutes - it’s a no brainer!  

What’s more, only consider platforms that come with 24/7 support (it’s in our name for a reason), or at least check their working hours match your own. Don’t stick with one that’s not on-call during your webcasts; you need to feel confident you can shout for help should anything go wrong.  

Key metrics and functionality tools are missing


Lead-source tracking, user demographics, surveys, engagement scores, custom branding, post-event email support - these are just some of the metrics and features decent webcasting platforms like our own FastCast include.

These turn an average webcast into something special, for you and audience members. You receive tonnes of data and the certainty of delivering something that looks great, while the audience are treated to an engaging, interactive experience. So if none of these ring a bell, it might be time to consider switching your provider.

Realised it’s definitely time for a change? We can offer a free demo of our packages - the best way to see if our webcasting platform is the right fit for you. Try before you and buy and make an informed decision for your future webcasts!


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