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How to improve your webinar landing page conversion rate


Webinars, and their landing pages, differ from other marketing assets and their landing pages. This means you need to take a different approach to ensure your conversion rates don’t suffer as a result. As with anything, awareness of the issues and pitfalls is key to getting the best results. In this article, we explain what you need to know and how to improve your webinar landing page conversion rate.

The core question we need to answer first is “Why are webinars and their landing pages different?” The key difference is that, at least for a period of time, webinar landing pages promote a future event. Because webinars have a live day, usually set 4 to 6 weeks from the first promotional activity, your landing page needs to be appealing enough to convince prospects to register in advance.

This “delayed gratification” can impact your landing page’s conversion rate, because prospects may prefer to find and consume the content they’re looking for sooner. Knowing this is an important factor allows you to adjust your promotional activity and landing page to address this challenge. The key to success lies in your ability to convince prospects that there is value in registering early for a future event.

Unlike other marketing assets and their landing pages, it is also important to understand that there are two core conversion rate metrics:

  1. Landing page visit to Registrants
  2. Registrant to Attendee

So, what should you expect?

Let’s look at some benchmarks. Webinar marketing platform ON24, which powers 24/7 Webcasting, analysed 1000s of webinars and found that:

  • 17% of registrations happen 15+ days prior to the webinar
  • 17% of registrations happen 8-14 days prior to the webinar
  • 37% of registrations happen 1-7 days prior to the webinar
  • 29% of registrations happen on the day of the webinar

It is also useful to know that:

  • 26% of registrants sign up for webinars on a Tuesday (followed by 21% on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively)

Summarising these numbers, it shows that one third of registrants are happy to register more than a week before the webinar live day. It’s a significant number of registrants and shouldn’t be ignored. But it also shows that, in order to secure these registrants and even grow this number, you need a strategy in place to improve your webinar landing page conversion rates.

8 tips on how to improve your webinar landing page conversion rate

You can use a number of tactics and create a repeatable strategy to improve your webinar landing page conversion rate. The majority of these affect the landing page itself, but some also affect your promotional activity. In order to be concise, we won’t cover general aspects such as page load speed and design/layout – there are plenty of helpful blog posts available for these aspects.

Use a teaser video

Video is engaging and prospects respond well to it. Include a teaser video about your upcoming webinar on your landing page. There is a lot you can do with a smartphone and a lapel mic these days, and you don’t need a full camera crew and equipment to produce it. Use your webinar moderator or one of your speaker to talk about what to expect. Alternatively, use a senior leader from your company to do the job. The main thing is that they’re an engaging speaker and the video is short and succinct.

Create an appealing title

Spending some time on creating an appealing title will pay dividends. Make is short, concise, an intriguing. But also consider that it needs to be descriptive and work for SEO and email subject lines. Use a secondary subtitle if you need to include more info.

Craft a solid description

A well-crafted description increases the likelihood of a good conversion rate. Be descriptive and not too vague. Promote your speakers and their credentials. Explain what points attendees will learn about, without giving away your key content. When you write your description, bear in mind that your audience don’t know the presentation content yet. Write it accordingly.

Promise a bonus feature

In order to catch the attention of potential registrants early on, promise a bonus feature they can’t get elsewhere. This could be anything from exclusive bonus content to a discount code. The main thing is that this bonus feature is not available anywhere else.

Feature a great speaker

For webinars, the speaker is the main attraction. A great speaker can make any content or topic come alive. A well-known and expert speaker improves not only registration numbers, but also your conversion rates. It is worth spending time on creating a database of great speakers that you can draw from. Get in touch with them early on and get their general buy-in to run webinars with your company.

The right number of registration fields

Webinar landing page conversion rates correlate directly to the number of registration fields you ask registrants to fill in. It is tempting to ask too much (and too little) during the registration process. Between 4 and 6 fields is acceptable and generates enough marketing info. Any less and you leave yourself short. Any more and you’re likely to lose potential registrants.

Promise of interaction

Webinars are the most engaging and interactive marketing asset available. Don’t make the mistake and underutilise your webinar platform’s potential to engage your audience. The promise of interaction, e.g. via Q&A with a popular speaker, can positively impact your conversion rates. It’s a key differentiator between webinars and written content or pre-recorded video. Make the most of it.

Early promo emails should push value

Considering the longer promotional cycle of webinars (one third of registrants register 8 days or more in advance), you need to push value during your early promotions. Push a great speaker, use a great teaser video, use key stats from the presentation content, promote the bonus feature, or find other aspects that will appeal to your specific audience. Don’t wait to use these at a later date. You should have everything ready and at your disposal when you begin promotions – don’t let the video, bonus content, or your expert speaker be an afterthought.


Webinar landing pages differ from other landing pages, because they promote a future event and not a instant download. You need to promote it long enough to secure as many registrants as possible (at least 3-4 weeks) and not lose the 34% of registrants who register 8 or more days in advance.

In order to attract even more early registrants, and improve on the 34%, you’ll need to use a number of tactics to create unique and early appeal. The same tactics will help you convert registrants into attendees when it comes to the live day as well.

Plan your promotions and webinar features early and know which supporting content you need to create early and strong appeal. Be clear and intentional about the fact that you need to capture registrant attention early and motivate them to register for delayed and future gratification.

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