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Love Webinars For… Lead Generation

Love Webinars For… Lead Generation

Practical Insight And Tips For Lead Generation Webinars.

Webinars are one of the most versatile marketing assets available to marketers and they’ve become increasingly popular with audiences too. The insight and engagement they provide is higher than whitepapers, infographics and videos put together. Download our whitepaper now and find out more.

Most B2B organisations would say they run lead generation programmes these days, but the quality and effectiveness can vary greatly. Before you get started with webinars for lead generation, you’ll want some reassurance that they’re right for you. If you are a B2B organisation, the likelihood is that webinars are for you.

This whitepaper discusses five of the reasons why you should consider webinars and why they are so well suited to lead generation. As you would expect from a high-performance marketing asset, webinars are future-proof and designed for internet-enables marketing. This sounds obvious, but not all marketing assets we use today can say that of themselves. The analytics and insight webinar organisers gain access to also outperform other assets. Combine this with your existing Marketing Automation and CRM tools and you have a powerful lead generation tool at your disposal.

Download this whitepaper now and you will also get five practical tips to get started with webinars. It may seem daunting to you, especially if you’ve not used webinars before. But armed with these five tips you can make a start today.

Prefer to watch the webinar version of this whitepaper? That’s the spirit! You can watch the webinar here

Get in touch today for a free demo of the webinar platform hailed as “The best webinar platform for marketers” by Forrester Research. Call us on UK 0207 1939 748 / US 302-261-5178 or sign up here for a 14-day free webinar trial.

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