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Love Webinars For… Sales Funnel Targeting

Love Webinars For… Sales Funnel Targeting

As part of our “Learn To Love Webinars (again)” series, this new whitepaper is for those marketers who want more control over each of the sales funnel stages. Prospects increasingly go through a self-education phase before they engage with their shortlist of providers. Webinars allow organisations to become a more proactive influencer during that self-education phase. Download our whitepaper now and find out more.

Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Evaluation, Purchase. Those are the typical five stages of the sales funnel. Marketing’s influence over the sales funnel has steadily increased in line with the emergence of more powerful and sophisticated marketing technology. Webinars have always been a major driver of leads into the top of the funnel, but this whitepaper looks at how webinars are used to drive prospects through the funnel.

The result? More control and better qualification. And which marketer wouldn’t want both?!

Knowing how to apply and tweak your webinars to perform at each stage of the sales funnel is key to creating the competitive edge. Why hand-over leads prematurely to sales, if marketing automation and technology can be utilised to engage and better qualify your prospects?

Some marketers may argue that a more personal touch is what their leads crave for. We’d challenge that view, if it means contacting prospects during the early stages of their buyer journey. The challenge is to nurture prospects to a stage where they are happy to be contacted – or even better, pick up the phone themselves. Webinars help to nurture leads and do it better than other – less engaging and interactive – marketing assets.

Download this whitepaper now to find out how webinars are used to target prospects throughout the sales funnel – not just at the top of the funnel.

Get in touch today for a free demo of the webinar platform hailed as “The best webinar platform for marketers” by Forrester Research. Call us on UK 0207 1939 748 / US 302-261-5178 or sign up here for a 14-day free webinar trial.



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