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What makes our webcasting services awesome

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Once you start researching potential webcasting services, you realise there is a long list of suppliers out there. The quality of service that each provides is far from equal though, as we explain here along with the reasons ours are up there with the very best. You can even call us industry leaders.

Webinars vs Alternative Lead Generation Techniques

09/ 03/2018 | Lead Generation
Webcasting Blog

With heaps of lead generation techniques out there, deciding which to channel your time, money and energy into is no easy task. Which is going to pay off and turn potential leads into paying customers?

After already shouting about why webinars are an undervalued tactic, here we highlight how they compare to alternative lead generation techniques. The focus is on three key elements of decent...

Why you should be using webinars for lead generation

08/ 29/2018 | Lead Generation
Webcasting Blog


If you work in sales or marketing, securing more leads for your brand is probably high up on your to-do list. Social media adverts, cold calls, outreach emails, PPC - just some of the methods you might have tried already, perhaps with some success. There is a good chance you haven’t considered webinars for lead generation though.

This surprises us when webinars are proven to be a highly...

Three signs you need to change webcasting platforms

Webcasting Blog

The variety of webcasting platforms out there is huge. How do you decide on the right one?

Too many people don’t spend enough time researching a server before they commit, settling on the first they come across without digging into the detail of what is (and isn’t) included. Then, before you know it, you’re planning and distributing webcasts on a platform that doesn’t actually meet your needs...

Back to basics: What is webcasting and how to get started?

Webcasting Blog

Webcasting: it’s a term that gets thrown around in lots of different industries. You smile and nod when someone talks about the webcasts they’ve watched or gives their opinion on whether your company should be using them - but if someone actually asked you ‘What is webcasting?’, would you be able to answer?

WEBINARS: The future of marketing - tips to adapt to changing digital marketing landscapes

05/ 09/2018 | Marketing
Webcasting Blog

The digital marketing landscape is evolving day by day and there are tons of new things that the marketers need to understand about it. The future of marketing seems bright and shiny and there is no way the digitalization of the marketing process is going to cease any time soon or even at all! The majority of the finance businesses, advertising companies in Dubai and elsewhere, shopping...

Why aren’t you webcasting in 2018?

Webcasting Blog Why aren’t you webcasting? | Webcasting Tips & Tricks

I have to say, we are constantly surprised by all the interest we receive from our “How To” webcasts.  The last one had almost 9,000 views and generated a lot of great activity. Clearly this is a topic that a lot of people are interested in.  We’ve come to the conclusion that this has to do with the unique barriers to entry that...

The Devil’s in the Data

Webcasting Blog

Understanding your Webinar Metrics

Following on from last week’s Form vs. Function blog post, where we chatted about the importance of collating, reporting, and analysing your webinar’s data and interaction metrics, we received a couple of emails (always great to hear from you guys!) asking for a little more detail around what you should be looking for, and what the numbers mean in real-world...

Webinar Form or Function; Must I Choose?

Webcasting Blog

Before running a webinar, most of us ask ourselves the same question; “What do I want my webinar to achieve? “. We consider things like whether we want to reinforce and build our brands, or generate leads, and do we have to sacrifice one for the other. Basically; does our webinar platform have the capability to do both? 

Webinar Polls are the answer

Webcasting Blog

Whatever your question ... Webinar Polls are the answer

“Should I run polls in my webinar?”

This is a question we at 247 Webcasting are asked nearly every day, and I’m going to start this blog post by simply jumping straight to the answer...


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