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Planning Successful Webinars: Tips for Content Marketers

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There’s no questioning that webinars are one of the most effective forms of content. They have the potential to score you impressive lead generation and brand loyalty points - but only if your webinars are actually interesting, informative and useful to your target audience. How can you make sure you’re planning successful webinars that tick these boxes and achieve great results? We share some tips to get you on the right track.

Set yourself goals

The first step to planning a successful webinar: ask yourself and your colleagues why you’re creating the webinar, what you want to gain from it and how you will measure success. Your answers to these questions can form your goals and objectives.

These could be anything from ‘capture 100 new email addresses’, to ‘up-sell to ten current customers’ - it will all depend on what you’re trying to achieve. Also include which part of your sales funnel you’re targeting, so you can tailor the webinar content to them. Having these clearly documented and fresh in your mind will give you focus and purpose throughout the planning, execution and aftermath of your webinar.

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Choose the right webinar format

Now you know what your goals are, you can pick the best type of webinar to accomplish them. As our previous post on this outlines, certain formats are better suited to different objectives. For example, if it’s customer feedback you’re after, a Q&A webinar is going to suit your objectives, whereas a product demo is more likely to result in actual sales.

Pick a topic

The number of sign ups you get rests on your topic. People are going to look at your title and weigh up the benefits of joining your webinar against the time it will take out of their schedule. So no pressure, but your topic needs to be perfect.

A great starting point is to think about what problem your webinar will solve for your audience. Consider frequently asked questions, look at reviews, or even put the question out to them on social - what would they like to see you cover? Talking to your sales team can also be a source of inspiration. They have the most contact with prospects and are bound to have feedback on what they’re asking and what kind of webinar could help them progress through your sales funnel.

Download our whitepaper

For a more comprehensive guide to planning successful webinars, download our whitepaper: Introducing webinars to your content strategy. This not only has more tips on planning, but also explains why webinars work, how to pick the right platform, and leads you on to part two of the whitepaper series about getting the most out of your webinars.


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