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Six Top Tips To Improve Your Audio Webinars (Part 2 of 2)

This is part two of this two-part blog post read part one here with three more tips on improving your audio webinars. These are practical and actionable tips from experienced webinar programme managers, which you can get started with today. Read on for more info:

Welcome back for more tips on improving your audio webinars. In part one we discussed your audio quality and enhancing audio webinars with video clips and well-managed presenter contributions. In this part we’ll look at how your console design impacts attendee engagement and how interactivity and your presenters can change the way your audience perceives your content and company. Here we go:

Consider your webinar console design4.    Consider your console design

Your webinar will typically last between 30 and 60 minutes. That can be a long time to be staring at a near static screen, especially for audio webinars. There are some tactics to increase your audience’s willingness to watch your audio webinar, starting with the webinar console design.

The console is the audience interface of the webinar. The page you look at in your browser with the slides on it. Making it visually appealing ensures your audience is more likely to watch your webinar for the duration. Avoid the wide use of bright (head-ache inducing) colours, even if your corporate colours are red or pink.

Choose a layout that is clean and simple, don’t overcrowd your webinar console but allow your audience to discover your webinar’s additional features and widgets. Ensure it is intuitive and appealing and use the same layout throughout all of your webinars. Continuity is important to create familiarity, rapport and trust in your regular attendees.

Provide interactivity and downloads5.    Provide interactivity and downloads

In addition to the console design and layout, there are other ways of making the console more appealing. Well-designed slides, regular polls, the ability to ask questions, social media feeds directly within your webinar console and supporting documentation accessible via a resources section are ways of engaging your audio webinar audience.

Allow your audience to discover these aspects as they listen and don’t worry about distracting them. As long as they engage with your webinar console they won’t check their emails or do other work that is unrelated to your webinar.

Pick a superstar presenter6.    Pick a superstar presenter

One aspect that can supersede all of the above is a superstar presenter. You don’t need Richard Branson or Barak Obama to deliver your presentation, just someone who delivers a well-crafted presentation or has insight nobody else has. Or even just someone with a voice like Santa Claus. With audio webinars it is important that the delivery is spot on and that the presenters understand the difference between presenting on a webinar and in front of an audience. Many presenters have underestimated this in the past and soon realised that there are different skills involved.

The purpose for all of these points is to make audio webinars easier and more appealing to listen to. You will be able to gauge your audience over time and decide which works best for you. Analyse your average viewing times and get feedback from your audience by using surveys at the end of the webinar. Gather whichever data you can to help you decide – and be open to criticism.

Audio webinars are still the most commonly used type of webinar. If you improve the quality of your audio webinars you have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, however, if your audio quality is consistently below par, you will lose your audience and it will be hard to claw them back.

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