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Strategies to Entice Webinar Attendance

Webinars have become the tools of the century, and they are now a vitally important content format for creating sales leads from the beginning to the end of the buying cycle. This interactive method of providing information gained popularity in the early part of the millennium, after standards had been established for the conduct of webinars. These standards covered protocols for floor control, secure authorization for membership, improved media mixing (text, video, audio), and a mechanism for providing timely notification of conference related schedules.
Strategies to Entice Webinar Attendance | Webcasting Tips & Tricks

The Attendance Challenge

Although webinars have become veritable mother lodes of information and are polished with state-of the-art technology, B2B marketers have found that getting people to be present is still a major challenge. A typical open call for a webinar will only bring in a 33 percent attendance rate. It is only when a targeted audience has been reached that this rate goes up to 65 percent. Moreover, of the people who register for a webinar, only 40 to 60 percent actually make it. Most B2B marketers who use webinars are of the opinion that these numbers have to be changed for the better, and the all-important question for them is, how their webinars can be promoted.

Start at the Beginning of the Sales Cycle

If you are holding a webinar to promote a line of products or a new item, you need to understand that your best bet for obtaining participants is to make yourself visible to people who are preparing to make a purchase but are still looking for information to help them make up their minds. These are clients who are in the prospect stage; they have questions to which you have the answers. However, to get them to come to your webinar, you have to communicate the fact that you are more than just a sales pitch.

Strategies to Entice Webinar Attendance

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 Strategies to Entice Webinar Attendance


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