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The Ultimate Guide To Picking The Right Type Of Webinar

Here at 247 Webcasting we often get asked about what types of webinars there are and which are the best ones to run for marketing and other purposes. There is no “one size fits all” answer, so we’ve sat down and written the ultimate guide to picking the right webinar type. Download it free here.

Everyone will have heard of audio webinars, and probably most marketers will have at least attended one at some point. Audio webinars have been around since webinars first started because they consume the least bandwidth and are the easiest to setup. But audio webinars are not always the best choice. In our guide we also look at video webinars and when they are more appropriate to run than audio webinar – and trust us when we say that they vary greatly.

The guide also looks at recording types, such as live, on-demand and simulive. Again, depending on your goals, abilities and some other crucial factors you will want to pick the right one for the best results

This guide also takes into account the number of contributors you have for the webinar and what the impact will be on the type of webinar you should be choosing.

At the end of the guide you also get a big comparison chart (print it and stick it on your wall) with all the detail nicely summarised. You’re welcome!

You can download this Ultimate Guide to Picking The Right Webinar here. Happy webcasting!

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