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Three killer questions to ask your webinar provider

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If you are serious about your webinars, it’s likely you (will) invest heavily into running great webinars. You may not be aware of it, but there are a couple of little known questions you should ask your webinar provider before you purchase their services. These are the kind of questions usually only insiders know about, but that provide you with the insight you need to evaluate your...

7 Things Your CEO Wants To Know About Webinars

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There is a lot to know about webinars, but only a few things will be of interest to your CEO before they commit to the technology. CEO time is valuable, their focus is commercial, their view of things is strategic, and they expect to get succinct answers to their questions. So, whether it’s to get sign off, part of a marketing budget review or a Quarterly Business Review, or just a general...

10 Webinar Myths – debunked.

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Modern marketers have so many marketing tactics and tools to choose from, that picking the right mix for your organisation can be difficult. Do you opt for the latest trends, or is your business just not ready for it? Do you go for proven tactics, or are they obsolete? Do you continue with the tactics you’ve always implemented and stick with what you know, or do you stick your head out and...

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