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Debunking Common Webinar Myths

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 Although we’ve been shouting for a while about how webinars are useful for business, sales and generating leads, there are a lot of people who still haven’t made the choice to implement them into their content marketing strategy.

While a lot of people just aren’t yet aware of the power of using webinars (which is why we spend a lot of time shouting about just how useful they are), we think to...

Enhance Your Business By Using Webinars

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We love webinars for a whole host of reasons. While they’re hefty beasts to make, taking a lot of time, resources and commitment, the subsequent payoff is always worth it; SEO for your website, plenty of content worth repurposing into blog posts, infographics or whitepapers, and ample lead generation. What’s not to like?

Three Reasons to Ask for a Free Webinar Trial

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If we could give only one piece of advice to someone searching for the right webinar platform it would be this: ask for a free trial. It’s crucial that you really get to know a product so that you can tell whether it’s up to scratch - try before you buy, as the old saying goes.

What makes our webcasting services awesome

Webcasting Blog

Once you start researching potential webcasting services, you realise there is a long list of suppliers out there. The quality of service that each provides is far from equal though, as we explain here along with the reasons ours are up there with the very best. You can even call us industry leaders.

Three signs you need to change webcasting platforms

Webcasting Blog

The variety of webcasting platforms out there is huge. How do you decide on the right one?

Too many people don’t spend enough time researching a server before they commit, settling on the first they come across without digging into the detail of what is (and isn’t) included. Then, before you know it, you’re planning and distributing webcasts on a platform that doesn’t actually meet your needs...

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