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Webinar Polls are the answer

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Whatever your question ... Webinar Polls are the answer

“Should I run polls in my webinar?”

This is a question we at 247 Webcasting are asked nearly every day, and I’m going to start this blog post by simply jumping straight to the answer...

Slide length matters

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Forget what you’ve been told ... length DOES matter!

Ok, let’s start by getting our minds out of the gutter and focussing on what this post is really about ... the length of your Webinar Presentation Slides!

The Art Of Adjustment – Adjusting Webinars For Better Performance

Webcasting Blog A recent article in a German newspaper (“Handelsblatt”) inspired us to write this post. In it, the author states that there is no such thing as a perfect setup, in life or in business. If you ever sat in a plane watching the rudders in the wings, you’ll have noticed that they’re constantly working to keep the plane on course. The plane is almost never on its perfect course to the planned...

Why are on-demand webinars so important?

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Webinars come in a variety of formats. The vast majority of webinars are run live, after which organisers then make on-demand versions available to their audience. In other words, a replay version of the webinar that can be accessed at any point by any audience member. But many webinar organisers forget that there is more to on-demand webinars than that. Not utilising on-demand webinars...

How long should your webinar be?

Webcasting Blog There seems to be a preconception that webinars need to be a certain length. But once you begin asking around, you hear all kinds of numbers. 60 minutes is a popular one, so is 45 minutes. Others will tell you that nobody will sit through more than 25 minutes. So, which is it? Read on to find out.

How To Promote Your Webinar For Best Results

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When it comes to promoting your webinar, different rules apply compared to other marketing assets. Why? Because most of the time a webinar has a live date set several weeks or months in advance, whereas other marketing assets are available instantly. This means your promotional strategy needs to be different too.

Confessions Of A Webinar Presenter (part 2 of 2)

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In this second part we continue with more confessions from our anonymous webinar presenter. Having heard about nerves, preparation and omissions in part 1, we now turn to the practical side of running webinars. Do you identify with some of these? Read on to find out:

Six Top Tips To Improve Your Audio Webinars (Part 2 of 2)

Webcasting Blog This is part two of this two-part blog post read part one here with three more tips on improving your audio webinars. These are practical and actionable tips from experienced webinar programme managers, which you can get started with today. Read on for more info:

Six Top Tips To Improve Your Audio Webinars (Part 1 of 2)

Webcasting Blog Audio webinars are one of the easiest and most commonly used webinar types around (get the full guide of webinar types here Not all webinars are created equal. They have been around from the start and many organisations rely on them for a number of purposes. One of the most commonly used purposes is marketing and lead generation. External audiences tend to be less forgiving than internal...

Confessions Of A Webinar Presenter (part 1 of 2)

Webcasting Blog In this two-part series we hear from an experienced webinar presenter (who shall remain unnamed) as they share their experience with ups and downs of presenting and running webinars. The goal is to give some practical advice, help you avoid mistakes, address some of your concerns – and perhaps to make you smile because you’ve “been there” as well. Here we go: I have presented many webinars...

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