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Webcasts are the new teleconference

Webcasts are the new teleconference | Webcasting Tips & Tricks

Those old-school group phone calls are good for some things, like talking live to people in conversation, but they’re not so great for helping people feel fully present and engaged with what’s being taught over a 90 minute session.

When people on the call can see the instructor via a live video feed and engage with other participants in a live chat box while the instructor is speaking, it adds a whole new dimension to live training events. It opens them up, and it’s pretty amazing.

Webcasts are the new teleconference | Webcasting Tips & Tricks

There are two big reasons for using live video webcasts instead of conference calls:

  1. People feel more connected to the speaker when they can see their body language and face while they’re talking.
  2. The ability for people on the call to interact live with others on the webcast is huge.

It builds that elusive sense of community much faster than is otherwise possible.

Registrants listen to the instructor speaking live and make comments about what the presenter is saying in a live chat box right next to the video. They share emotions or thoughts about what’s being said by the speaker and other people on the call jump in and share their own perspectives, or support people who are sharing things.

It’s a great thing to witness, and it’s something that just can’t happen on a conference call.

On a conference call, everyone is essentially sitting in their own dark room, walled off from all other participants and the visual dimension of the presenter. They can’t see the instructor and can’t interact with other people on the call.

This is where you need to be careful with your choice of Webcast: with most software options available for this kind of event, there isn’t an option for participants to easily be able to raise their hand virtually and speak live with the instructor.

Communication between the instructor and participants happens only via the live chat box, meaning, participants have to type to communicate.

If there needs to be an element of live, one-on-one coaching type of interactions between the instructor and the participants, the live video webcast and chat box format isn’t going to cut it.

That’s why at 247 Webcasting we’ve made sure our platform caters to all of these needs.

After 10 years in the industry and with experience webcasting for some of the biggest companies out there we’re confident we can offer the best of both worlds: live video webcast of the instructor, live chat box, plus the ability for people to call in via a phone, then raise their hand, be un-muted, and speak directly with the panel.

Why not take our 14 day free trial to see if the platform is suitable for you.

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 Webcasts are the new teleconference


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