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Webinar Polls are the answer

Whatever your question ... Webinar Polls are the answer

“Should I run polls in my webinar?”

This is a question we at 247 Webcasting are asked nearly every day, and I’m going to start this blog post by simply jumping straight to the answer...


“Yes. Yes you should”

And the best news is that with the right webinar platform (just like the platform you get from 247 Webcasting!) it couldn’t be simpler to create, and include, a live poll in your webinar.

Webinar polls are, quite simply, an opportunity to ask your audience a single question and get instant feedback. 

Unlike surveys, polls ask the audience just the one question, and can be placed anywhere within your webinar presentation. Some presenters like to start off with a poll question, while others choose to introduce a poll or three throughout the webinar. So, what do these webinar wizards know that the poll-less presenters don’t? Here are the three key reasons to include them: 

  • They increase engagement and interactivity 

Webinar polls are a quick and easy way to inject some interactivity into your webinars, just by asking the audience to share their opinion and views; you bring them into the conversation. And because the answers are instant, they are instantly and automatically collated into on-screen results and shared with the audience. By taking part in this way, and seeing how their own answer compares to that of the other audience members, attendees feel far more engaged with the webinar content. After all, no one likes to feel left out! 

Quite simply; the more engaged your audience, the more receptive they are to your message. 

  • They provide essential audience insight 

The results you obtain from running these polls can be hugely valuable to you as the organiser, and to your company as a whole. These answers provide additional insight into your audience, and when combined with all the information and data you obtained via the registration form, the picture of “who is my target demographic?” becomes that much clearer. The more you can find out about your audience, the more effective and accurate your lead generation process, which keeps both the sales department, and your profits, very happy!

“But 247, we aren’t a sales company, we run webinars to impart information, how can polls help me?”... Ahhh that’s a very good question, I’m glad you asked ... Running polls during your presentation provides a great insight into the effectiveness of your content, the interests of your audience, and any knowledge gaps that need addressing. They’re a great tool for creating new content for webinars, as the cumulative results from your polls help determine which areas your audience are interested in, and where there is a need for fresh content. 

  • They break-up the webinar and refresh the audience 

Even the most dedicated, focussed, and disciplined among us have a limit to our attention span. No matter how salient and insightful a webinar’s content, we need the odd poke to stay engaged. 

Polls break up the webinar into manageable chunks of information. 

Instead of just listening to a 30-40 minute presentation, your audience gets to interact with you directly, especially if you place a few polls throughout the webinar. This allows the audience to digest the information and commit it to memory. They help take the webinar from their screen, and place it firmly in the room they’re viewing from. Polls work best when they end, or start, a section with an interactive element, the information recall will be higher, and the overall value of the webinar is increased. 

So we find ourselves back at the start of the blog ... “Yes. Yes you should include polls in your webinars”

If you want your webinars to be more interactive and engaging, to provide more insight, and be far more memorable, then utilising live polls is a simple and easy way of achieving this. So, what are you waiting for? Make polls a firm feature of your webinars today. And because we're sure you'll want to get the best from your webinars, view our very own Webinar Presenter Checklist as a best practice guide.

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