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WEBINARS: The future of marketing - tips to adapt to changing digital marketing landscapes

The digital marketing landscape is evolving day by day and there are tons of new things that the marketers need to understand about it. The future of marketing seems bright and shiny and there is no way the digitalization of the marketing process is going to cease any time soon or even at all! The majority of the finance businesses, advertising companies in Dubai and elsewhere, shopping brands, fashion industry and the manufacturing firms have maintained their online presence on the web and the new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, business intelligence and so on are influencing them to enhance their efforts to engage more and more customers.


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The age of digital marketing is welcoming the trend of webinars and they are now becoming the primary way of interaction between the business company and the audience in the human way. The success metrics for the webinar programs support their use and confirm the productive results it produces. It is an easy way that offers the users to sit back relax and stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques of anything. Thus, it greatly helps in improving the UX.

Here we are going to take you to the future of marketing. The worthy tips for adapting to the changing digital landscape that make their way to the top webinars are as follows:

  1. Take artificial intelligence seriously for a better CX

As Big Data exits the marketing platform, the artificial intelligence technology shows us the bigger picture. It is one of the most advanced technologies that are reshaping the face of digital marketing. The sole idea of using this tech is to enhance the customer experience and the chatbots are the perfect example that offers great customer support service, engage the customers and convert them into leads.

The machine learning, another aspect of AI, is integrated into the business strategy and is used unearth the insights using the data to offer the customer behavior pattern. Once you know about it, you can easily add the element of personalization in your branding and marketing strategy. Make use of these technologies and see how fast you adapt to the changing digital landscape.

  1. Let voice search change your content marketing strategy

According to the survey conducted by Deloitte digital, 89% of the respondents agreed that digitalization has changed the content and role of marketing. This refers to the fact that though the written content, articles, and blogs are still in demand; the visual content and voice search content has taken over the digital marketing in 2018. The latest algorithm updated by Google supports the use of voice search and demands optimization of the websites for this trend. Many people prefer using the voice search feature while they are busy and so to adapt to this change you need to optimize your website for it. Try using long tail keywords as the voice searches are based on the conversational language style.

  1. Invest in live videos and take your webinars to Netflix

The live videos and webinars are flourishing and do you know the reason behind it? Well, the people are busy in their routine activities and so they prefer watching a video that answers their relevant queries. These videos and webinars are highly optimized for the mobile screens as the majority of the users open these videos via smartphone. A study conducted by Livestream states that 82% of the users prefer watching a brand’s live video than referring to the same company’s social media posts. Another close to 80% of the users preferred tuning into live videos rather than reading a blog post. This ensures the success and needs of coming up with live videos and webinars for better marketing.

While we are on it, the webinars are now potential enough to go to the Netflix channel. As Netflix has a high penetration across the market, the audience would love to watch useful and informative webinars. The business brands can even build their own binge-worthy webinar libraries for the channel and attract and engage the audience with it.

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The advertising agencies in Dubai keep themselves up to date with the recent trends and make sure they follow them. To keep your knowledge up to date is another fascinating way to adapt to the recent digital changes but we are here to focus on something else. Another tip that would help you adapt to the changing landscape easily is to focus on the mobile experience. It matters a lot in the world of marketing!

Since Google has laid down its rule of mobile-first indexing, it is nearly out of question not to focus on the mobile experience. All you need to do to uplift the standards of your company is to make sure its online presence is maintained and that it offers a mobile-responsive website. James Crowley, digital marketing associate contributes to this by saying, “Providing a delightful brand experience in the palm of a person in need of your product or service will remain a critical part of having a successful marketing strategy in 2018.” Thus, follow this tip and show your customer how much you value them!

  1. Maintain brand authenticity


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All of the digital marketing efforts are made to make sure the business brand is promoted throughout the nation/ world and it gets increased amounts of sales. These are the goals of the majority of the marketers and business companies out there. Thus, one way to adapt the changing digital landscape is to ensure you maintain your brand’s authenticity. This means no matter what the changing digital trends are, if you manage to foster a bold yet true brand image, the changing digital landscape wouldn’t hurt you. Moreover, you’ll be able to adapt it more easily as you’ll know it isn’t threatening your brand by any means. 

According to Martech today, the marketing tech landscape grew by 43% last year. The tech company’s number increased from 3500 to 5000 and they served the marketers with ever-growing and amazing software and applications. Thus, the world of digital marketing is changing ever since it came into being. It helps the business as well as the customer at the same time. Adapting to the changing trends brings numerous benefits to the business and above-mentioned tips are exactly what you need to enhance your performance in the field.


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