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What makes our webcasting services awesome

Once you start researching potential webcasting services, you realise there is a long list of suppliers out there. The quality of service that each provides is far from equal though, as we explain here along with the reasons ours are up there with the very best. You can even call us industry leaders.

This could be seen as a bold claim, possibly even arrogant, but we can back it up with plenty of proof. Here goes…

No hidden prices


This one is a biggy. It is commonplace across the webcasting industry to keep prices under wraps. In fact, we’re the only top end company to openly show prices for our packages on our website.

Enquiring about webcasting services through our competitors means being put in touch with a sales rep who will do some digging into your company dynamics, everything from turnover to the colour of your CEO’s socks, before giving you a price. It is something we hate and we encourage customers to call out the practice by asking #WhatAreYouHiding.

Hopefully transparency on price will one day be the norm in our industry, but for now, this is an element of our service that keeps us head and shoulders above the competition. You won’t get an extra zero added to your package costs by us simply because we think you have enough cash in the bank.

No hidden bolt-ons


Imagine this: you have signed up for webcasting services, get stuck into creating your first webcast, then notice there is some common functionality or support element missing. A little investigation leads you to find out these come at an extra cost. Gutted.

You don’t need to worry about this scenario with us; our packages are complete with everything that is included clearly listed on our website. We have additional features you might like to add on to enhance your package, but these are clearly displayed as add-ons. It’s simply not our style to keep customers in the dark.

No minimum commitment


We pride ourselves on offering pay-as-you-cast webcasting services, understanding that not every client needs to create and deliver webcasts every month. If you are one of those people who requires a more ad-hoc service, then we will be a good fit for you.

In contrast, our competitors are likely to tie you up in a long-term contract, leaving you to pay for services you really aren’t making the most of. Before you even get to this point, expect to be bogged down in a lengthy pilot run. These can take months of preparation for just a single event, whereas we offer a full access 30 day free trial. Play around with our services for the month and make an informed decision about whether we are right for you and which of our packages to pick.

For these three reasons and more, we can confidently say we provide industry-leading webcasting services. Still not convinced? Grill us further on our claims over on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn - we welcome your questions, thoughts and suggestions.



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