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What to Do When Your Webinar Finishes

What To Do When Your Webinar Finishes FB

So: you’ve finished your webinar. After all the build-up of preparing, planning and promoting over the past few weeks, you’re finally ready to kick back and relax a little bit. But wait - there’s more.

“What?” we can hear you asking. Yep, that’s right: there is still more work to do, and it’s well worth it. Completing these things when your webinar finishes will help your future marketing ventures and get you the best results possible.

Follow Up

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First thing’s first - you follow up with your attendees. Don’t let the conversation end with the close of the webinar; get in contact with those you invited and send over a quick summary of what you went through.

This is a good opportunity to communicate with any invitees who weren’t able to make the actual webinar. You can provide a link inviting them to watch it later. While you lose the live element, this is still a bonus, as every webinar host knows not everyone who says they’ll attend actually will.

Your follow up email can carry further purposes; use it as an opportunity to generate feedback by asking questions, or round up any points of discussion that arose in the webinar that you couldn’t quite cover. Keep the conversation going on Twitter, too. Tweet your attendees asking for their thoughts or use an engaging campaign hashtag to enable them to discuss the webinar in more detail. 

Most importantly, reiterate your chosen Call-to-Action from the webinar. What was your intent - a product launch, or to generate sign-ups? Use your follow up to remind your attendees.


Analyse the success of your webinar. How many leads has it generated and how many potential consumers have you been able to subsequently engage with? How many people attended your webinar versus the number of absent spaces - consider the reason behind this as well.

Similarly, dig into the feedback you have collected from attendees and use this to evaluate how successful your webinar has been in comparison to your intentions going in, alongside your planning and promotion. You can use this as a way to generate ideas and inspiration for future webinars.


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When a webinar has finished, you are left with a huge amount of content which doesn’t have to be disposable: it’s business-focused, researched, and should be relevant to your current content marketing plan. The real question is why would you not use this?

The content from your webinar can be used through further social media campaigns to generate more leads, promote a product or engage with your audience. You can reuse this in so many different ways - through short clips, transcription or even podcasting. Webinars can be turned into successful blogs, mailers, or even whitepapers. You can also use infographics generated from your webinar in content; these work as brief but engaging social media posts which are easily shareable and perfect.

Download our whitepaper

We cover all of this and more in our own whitepaper. Give it a read for an extensive list of different ways your material can be reused with a fresh purpose across your marketing channels.

Have your own tips for a post-webinar marketing plan? We’d love to hear them - Tweet us or message our Facebook or LinkedIn page today.


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