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Why 2019 is the Year for Webinars

As anyone involved in the world of digital marketing will know, the field is ever-changing, growing and developing.

2018 has been a great year, but it’s time to look ahead to what we can expect in 2019 - and more importantly, how the predicted trends are going to revitalise the importance of introducing webinars into your content strategy.

2019 Marketing Predictions

Although digital marketing predictions jump around a bit, certain trends are on the rise and will continue to grow in the new year: visual - specifically video - content, personalisation, and interactivity.

Luckily for us here in the webcasting world, all of these fit perfectly into a marketing strategy that is already using webinars.


In recent years, visual content has become more successful in lead generation, with Instagram and Snapchat becoming increasingly popular. In particular, video has seen a rise in the past year across all platforms, with webinars subsequently becoming a goldmine of potential content.

Webinars are already a fantastic visually-based content format because of the variation of tools that can be used - images, infographics and informative slides can be integrated alongside a video broadcast. But how in 2019 can the versatile nature of webinars be enhanced for further use?

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The Extra Content

An advantageous marketing strategy will place a webinar at its forefront - although we’re sure you knew that already. You can build an entire campaign around build-up, reaching out to attendees and building up a new mailing list of interested parties, advertising your upcoming webcast with crumbs of content and teasers.

Alternatively, when you have completed your webinar, you have a whole host of content just waiting to be repurposed. All relevant, business-focused and well-researched, you’ll easily have the means to adjust this into alternative content mediums, such as blogs or whitepapers.

But with video content on the rise, consider condensing smaller segments of your webinar into individual clips, leaving you with bite-sized videos to post across your social media channels.

Live Streaming

Although webinars can be watched later, one of their biggest benefits comes from being broadcasted live. Predictions for digital marketing trends in 2019 have already identified the rise of live streaming.

One of the reasons behind the growth in popularity is obvious - it’s much more engaging, providing a unique look into a business or product and often a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse.

Whilst webinars are slightly different to your average live stream, the rise of live stream as a medium may well lead to an increase in the popularity of webinars. It’s becoming routine for users to tune into different forms of webcasting for all kinds of purposes - so we may see higher numbers of webinar attendees in 2019.

Depending on your webinar provider, you can really optimise the benefits of a live streaming format due to the amount that you’re able to engage with consumers. Like ours, for example.


With consumers becoming used to AI in marketing as well as chatbots providing instant gratification, there is an increasing expectation for tailored and personalised content.

Webinars are a really helpful tool for this, partially because of the data that you’ll gather with every cast. Because attendees register their interest, the entire process has a personal touch. For one thing, they already have a genuine level of interest in your webinar - otherwise they wouldn’t have signed up. The chances are that follow-up emails will generate real potential leads and engagement opportunities, rather than being dismissed as another spammy, salesy email.

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Secondly, as we’ve already mentioned, webinars are interactive with personal rapport between the presenter and attendees - most notably when they’re watched live, but this isn’t limited. You can follow up on social, creating an engaging hashtag and generating in-depth, focused discussion. The audience that you’ll be able to build ensures that you can return to this discussion time and time again - and in doing so you are able to remind your attendees of that Call-to-Action that you dropped into the webinar. And hey presto, you might have another lead.

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface of why 2019 is the year for webinars here in this blog, but what do you think? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, and if you’ve been won over with the potential of webinars today, check out our FastCast options to get yourself started.


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