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Why are on-demand webinars so important?

Webinars come in a variety of formats. The vast majority of webinars are run live, after which organisers then make on-demand versions available to their audience. In other words, a replay version of the webinar that can be accessed at any point by any audience member. But many webinar organisers forget that there is more to on-demand webinars than that. Not utilising on-demand webinars fully, or correctly, means organisers are missing out on important benefits, most notably more leads and, ultimately, revenue.

Here at 247Webcasting.com we’ve covered on-demand webinars before, as part of the Ultimate Guide To Picking The Right Webinar Format, outlining how and when to use this type of webinar. It is an often misunderstood webinar format, but its importance was highlighted by research showing that a large number of webinar attendees only attend the on-demand version of the webinar, but not the live version. So let’s take this opportunity to take a closer look at on-demand webinars and the value they provide.

Get 28% more attendees

On average, 28% of webinar attendees only ever view the on-demand version of a webinar. In practice, this means that a prospect will register for your webinar, but instead of attending at the live time, they opt to attend the webinar at a time it suits them. This may be planned or unplanned. Therefore, if you don’t provide an on-demand version of your webinar at all, you instantly lose out on engaging 28% of your attendees. That is a big loss.

Create ever-green webinar content

Companies that don’t host their webinars on-demand are never able to create ever-green webinar content. While some topics may only be relevant for shorter periods of time before they evolve or become irrelevant, other topics remain unchanged and are relevant to audiences for longer periods. These are your ever-green topics. To avoid repeatedly running regular webinars on the same topic, organisers can create one webinar and maintain (and promote) it with an extended on-demand period. This saves time, effort and budget, therefore freeing up your team to focus on other tasks.

Extend the life of your webinar

Regardless of whether your topic is ever-green or not, on-demand hosting of your webinar extends the life of your webinar. In other words, you extend your ability to generate leads and insight for no (or minimal) additional cost. The best webinar platforms provide the same functionality and interactivity for the on-demand version as was available for the live webinar.

Improve your SEO

By extending the hosting period of your webinar, you gain the ability to improve your SEO and likelihood of your webinar content being found. Use SEO-optimised landing pages to further increase your webinar’s chances of being found by your prospects and other interested parties.

Promote repeatedly

You can’t promote what doesn’t exist, but on-demand webinars can be promoted by email or social at any point. They don’t have to disappear in your online archives. Instead, create a schedule to continually promote your on-demand webinars to targeted segments of your contact database. Unlike with live webinars, your on-demand webinars can be accessed immediately, which means you can instantaneously see the attendance results from your promotion.

On-demand only versus Live/on-demand

With a number of good arguments in favour of on-demand webinars, you may be wondering why to bother with live webinars. Our comprehensive guide deals with this question, but in essence both live webinars (which then automatically turn into on-demand webinars) and on-demand-only webinars each have specific benefits. Which of the two you should use, depends on your goals. And remember, while 28% of attendees view on-demand only, there is still a very large chunk of attendees that prefer to attend live.

So, if you’re not yet (or only partly) utilising on-demand webinars, take this post as a prompt to address that situation. You are set for significant gains from a well thought out on-demand strategy, and in a competitive environment you can’t afford to ignore prospects that are willing to engage with your content and your company.

For example, if you run 10 webinars per year and have 50 attendees for each live webinar, you are ignoring another 14 attendees per webinar by not host your webinars on-demand. Or 140 per year. If your conversion rate (lead to closed deal) is 5%, you are leaving 7 deals on the table. For an average deal size of £10,000 that makes a total of lost revenue of £70,000.

On-demand hosting and promotion is a simple change to make. Can you afford to leave revenue on the table?

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