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Why aren’t you webcasting in 2018?

Why aren’t you webcasting? | Webcasting Tips & Tricks

I have to say, we are constantly surprised by all the interest we receive from our “How To” webcasts.  The last one had almost 9,000 views and generated a lot of great activity. Clearly this is a topic that a lot of people are interested in.  We’ve come to the conclusion that this has to do with the unique barriers to entry that webcasting has.  For example, they seem conceptually easy.

In reality, when you start thinking about what webcasting platform to use (no two are alike), how and when to publicise the event, what content to share and how to capture registrant data without seeming greedy, it quickly becomes apparent that webcasting is a lot like a wedding: they take a good amount of planning and execution to pull off without a hitch.

We hope you enjoy this instalment of our “How to Webcast” series and look forward to your feedback

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Sign of Intent: If someone registers for your webcast they have already shown a level of respect for your company. This is something you can utilise over time to turn them into customers, as they have clearly have an interest in what you do.Why aren’t you webcasting? | Webcasting Tips & Tricks

More information than most lead gen: Due to the perceived value of listening to an “expert” talk about new and exciting theories, people are more willing to freely offer more of their personal data. But it’s not really personal. Instead, they are giving up corporate information, removing a big barrier while at the same time giving you an *in* with the company.

They are free: Free learning? Sign me up. I’ll use my boss’s email.

Partnerships: A great lead gen strategy is to partner with another company or gain sponsorship for the event (providing double value to the listener). Before the webinar you will email your own customers to attend, and by virtue of the partnership you’ll benefit from two things:

Access to the other company’s customers: You immediately have a new list of customers to market to.

Accidental word of mouth: Your customers will frequently ask questions related to your product during the webinar, this is in essence a word of mouth tactic that offers social proof to the non-customers attending.

No geographical boundaries: People can register anywhere in the world, pushing your reach to the farthest corners of the planet. You can then market to these people who will help spread the word in new geographic locations.

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 Why aren’t you webcasting in 2018?

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