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Why should you run a co-marketing webinar?

Why should you run a co-marketing webinar?

Two heads are better than one - the saying holds true when it comes to creating webinars that will benefit your business. Joining forces to run a co-marketing webinar can have double the value of your average broadcast, from reaching new markets to bolstering your credibility.

What is a co-marketing webinar?

A co-marketing webinar is when two like-minded brands collaborate on a webinar, centred on a topic that is a sweet spot for their combined audiences. The two businesses need to offer services that complement each other, without directly competing for business. For example, we could join forces with a public speaking expert for advice on handling nerves in front of the camera, or a marketing company for advice on promoting your webinars.

The most important thing is that the webinar is mutually beneficial. No one’s going to agree to run an event with you if there’s nothing in it for them, so if you’re pitching to another brand, hook them in with what you both have to gain from co-marketing. Shared goals are a must, whether that be to gather customer data, promote a co-branded product or anything else.

Reach new customers

In the lead up to your co-marketing webinar, both parties will be promoting the event to their own fan base and target audience. This instantly means increased brand awareness for each business and access to a whole new group of leads. If you’ve chosen the right partner, there should be no issue sharing leads as you will be offering complementary but different services.

Fill knowledge gaps

No matter how clued up you are on your industry, there will be gaps in your expertise. Invite someone to be your co-marketing partner who can fill one of these and offer a useful insight to your audience. Using ourselves as an example again, we might team up with an audio visual company who can give our fans tips on overcoming common technical hitches with equipment when filming webinars.

Build credibility

Having a respected industry peer on your side can only be good for boosting your credibility. Supporting each other’s points of view will give attendees more reason to trust your line of thought, especially if it’s thought leadership content that you’ve been working on together.

Share the costs

On the more practical side of things, a co-marketing webinar means spreading the cost of promoting and hosting the broadcast. When you think about the additional benefits you’ll be getting from partnering up compared to going it alone, the potential ROI is definitely going to out-do a solo effort.

Two of you funding the webinar could also mean that you can offer a better co-branded offer or promotion for attendees, which again is going to pay off for you in the long term.

Relationship building between brands


Who says you have to stop at a co-marketing webinar? If it goes well, it could be the beginning of ongoing campaigns together - eBooks, conferences, even new services. Other brands could also see that you are open to working with other businesses and hit you up for another joint venture.

Have we convinced you to run a co-marketing webinar? Before you get to work on it, make sure that you and your partner brand give our whitepaper on how to improve your content marketing strategy with webinars a read. For more advice straight from us, drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.


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