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Why you should be using webinars for lead generation


If you work in sales or marketing, securing more leads for your brand is probably high up on your to-do list. Social media adverts, cold calls, outreach emails, PPC - just some of the methods you might have tried already, perhaps with some success. There is a good chance you haven’t considered webinars for lead generation though.

This surprises us when webinars are proven to be a highly effective way of nurturing interested leads through the sales funnel. Too often dismissed as time consuming or because they are daunting for whoever will get pushed in front of the camera, let us explain why hosting webinars could transform your lead gen strategy.

Multi-format for sales funnel targeting

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At a basic level, webinars are either audio or video format, but these can be hosted or customised in varying ways. You might hold a Q&A, for example, or choose between a live, on-demand or simulive delivery.

How does this relate to your sales funnel targeting? It means you can tailor webinars to precise stages of the funnel. You might create a low cost audio webinar with wide-appeal thought leadership content for the top of the funnel, and a video such as a product demo for prospects closer to making a purchase decision.

The more refined your strategy is in this way, the higher your chance of converting leads into customers.

Engagement and interactivity

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What really takes webinars a step above other pieces of content is the two-way conversational element. A one dimensional marketing asset, like a social media post, might provide clicks, likes and share but no qualifying analytics or insight that can be used for lead generation.

Webinars, on the other hand, give you granular user data and analytics reports, which can be used to drive sales conversations. This is thanks to their interactivity - from the initial sign up, to features like polls asking opinions, to audience drop-off points, the opportunities for gleaning information about viewers is endless.

They also build trust. The audience has a chance to question the expertise of presenters, which then gives presenters a chance to prove their company’s value.

Webinars are integration-ready


Any decent webinar platform, like our very own FastCast, will have the option to integrate your marketing automation (MA) and CRM tools. This integration gives you ultimate control and a seamless lead gen process. For instance, your MA can drive registrants and attendees, the webinar platform generates additional insight and data about those who sign up, which then feeds into CRM / MA systems to process leads.

We have done a quick breakdown of just three reasons you should use webinars for lead generation here, but part one of our Love Webinars for Lead Generation whitepaper series digs into more of the benefits. Download it now if you are ready to be completely convinced about the lead generation power of webinars.



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